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Best Black Natural Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

If you are an African or American-African with natural medium length hair, who is looking for the best hairstyles, you are at the right place. African women who are born with natural black hair have the advantage of trying plenty of unique looks and styles with their hair. You are lucky if you have medium hair because it is very apt for experimenting. If you are bored with your usual hairstyle, which you have had for years, then it’s the best time to change it to a funky new one. You can go ahead with the best black natural hairstyles for medium length hair given below. Hopefully, you will be motivated by this collection of hairstyles for beautiful black women! 

Double Buns with Natural Hair

This hairstyle is best if you are going out with your friends. It is playful and unleashes the bouncy side of you. All you need to do is comb your natural hair divide them into two equal halves. Then round them up into thick and tight double buns. Now, you can tie them up quickly and easily with rubber bands. If you like to decorate them, you can use beads, glittery clips and coloured hairpins. Since it is so easy and simple, this is the best black natural hairstyles for medium length hair.

Flat Twist with Natural Curls

In case you do not want to wear a complete or full updo, natural curls with a flat twist are the best. By simply pulling your hair away from your face, you can do this hairstyle. This hairstyle goes best with both special events and a stylish everyday look. All you need to do is divide your hair into sections and braid it up to 3-4 inches close to your scalp. This will give a flat look. If you leave the remaining part loose along with the sections, you will get a curly appearance.  

Skinny Side Braids

When you combine thin side braids with your outrageous curls, you can get a glamorous finish. The skinny side braids will prevent your hair from falling on your eyes and tame the hair in place as well. You can make this versatile hairstyle by gently pulling the hair from your facial margins and tightly braiding them till the bottom. This hairstyle suits women of all ages.  

Lumpy Flat Coil Updo

If you are a fan of chunky flat twists, then this will be your favourite. You can try them with some texture and if you want them to be perfect at the back, then you may need someone’s help. By using a hair serum or fragrant hair oil, you can neatly comb the hair in your most favourite section and begin braiding it thickly. The more zig-zag it is the better it looks.  

You can try other black natural hairstyles for medium length hair like curly bangs with a high bun, half-up dual buns, messy buns, messy half updo, natural fro-hawk, twin Dutch braided buns and hair wrap. 


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